I'm so glad you're here.

I sincerely thank you for supporting small businesses at this time. 

It is deeply appreciated.

COVID -19:

Update 30/3/22

Masks and Vaccines:

Under current COVID-19 NSW Government restrictions and Workplace Health & Safety requirements, masks are no longer required to be worn in clinic and COVID-19 Safe Check-in is not required when entering. However, as the new Waratah clinic space is home - based and a small business, I do ask that you kindly wear your mask in the common areas. The mask may be removed in the treatment room. All vaccination status' welcome. I am vaccinated and may be wearing a mask. 


Update 4/1/22

Masks and vaccines:

A little belated, but just to keep you all updated, masks still have to be worn in clinic by both client and therapist.

I know its a little uncomfortable being face down in a mask for an hour or two, but I have a duty of care to keep you all, and myself safe.

All vaccination status' welcome for healthcare, but I do ask that you stay at home and reschedule if you are feeling unwell in any way.

New clinic premises for 2022, same strict hygiene control. 

Hang in there guys! We've got this! 


Update 10/10/21

Vaccination policy:

There are no mandatory changes to client or therapist vaccination laws from October 11, 2021.

We will still be accepting everyone, regardless of their vaccination status.

Under federal law, from November 30, 2021, therapists will have to be fully vaccinated in order to practise, but to my understanding, this does NOT extend to clients. 

However, please respect your fellow human, and if you have any symptoms, kindly reschedule your appointment. 



Update 5/8/21:

Re Lockdown for Newcastle and the Hunter.

Ah lockdown 2.0! It is a stressful time for so many, and it is more important than ever, to nurture our physical and mental health, to nourish our wellbeing. 

We want to reassure you that Intune Massage is considered an Essential Service and as such WILL REMAIN OPEN to support and serve our community. Yay! We will be keeping our doors open and will be doing our part to assist you all to maintain your health and wellbeing, as long as it is safe to do so.

The Clinic is a registered Covid Safe business; we will continue to follow a strict cleaning procedure within the clinic, mandatory  masks at all times, QR code check in etc, though we also need you to do your part. 

  • Please fill in a COVID -19 screening test (link embedded in your reminder email). You only need to fill this out once.

  • Hand sanitiser is to be used by all clients before and after your appointment.

  • Where possible, please use a card instead of cash.

  • Mask wearing is mandatory whilst in the clinic. Please BYO mask, or you can purchase one here at the door.

If you have been to or in contact with anyone from Sydney, Central Coast, Woolongong, or any of the emerging exposure sites in the Newcastle and Hunter region please get tested and isolate until you receive your results.


Stay safe & healthy, and please reach out if you have any concerns.

Sending love to you all,

Lara and Kendall, and the Tonic Natural Health Team.

We're always very hygienic here, but we're being extra vigilant with sanitization around the clinic and are doing everything in our power to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Everyone MUST complete a COVID -19 declaration before arriving for their appointment. The link will be embedded in your appointment reminder email. This has now changed to a once-off form, that is eligible throughout the pandemic. (ie. no need to fill it out each time). 

Please stay at home if you:

  • have any cold or flu symptoms, even if mild (we will turn you away as we have a zero tolerance policy)

  • have had contact with any known COVID positive people, 

  • are awaiting your COVID test results, and should be quarantining

  • or been to any hotspots in the last 14 days. Check here for new hotspots.

This is important: Please DO NOT COME even if you "just have a cold" and are negative for COVID - if we get sick, it jeopardises our employment, and those who are elderly or immunocompromised in our clinic. 

The Cancellation Policy will be relaxed at this time. Many thanks for your understanding.


Thank you for supporting small businesses!

Please continue to support your favourite small businesses in any way you can, to keep us all afloat during this time. Perhaps consider pre-paying your next appointment, pre-paying a massage package, buying gift vouchers to use at a later date or gift to a friend or loved one. Please like, follow and stay tuned via my instagram and facebook.


Deepest love and appreciation to you all for your loyal support. 

Also: Keep your immunity strong (you can buy some of Naturopath Kylie Armstrong's Tonic Immunity packages here), eat well, rest, read a book, and do some yoga.

Be kind to one another, Lara. xo