I'm so glad you're here.

I sincerely thank you for supporting small businesses at this time. 

It is deeply appreciated.

COVID -19:

Update June 2021:

As per the updated NSW Government rules, masks are now mandatory indoors. This includes for the duration of your massage. Please BYO mask, or you can buy one here. 

So, you probably know the drill by now, but I'll just go over a few things:

We're always very hygienic here, but we're being extra vigilant with sanitization around the clinic and are doing everything in our power to minimize risk.

Everyone MUST complete a COVID -19 declaration before arriving for their appointment. This has now changed to a once-off form, that is eligible throughout the pandemic. (ie. no need to fill it out each time). 

Please stay at home if you:

  • have any cold or flu symptoms, even if mild (we will turn you away)

  • have had contact with any known COVID positive people, 

  • are awaiting your COVID test results, and should be quarantining

  • or been to any hotspots in the last 14 days.

This is important: Please DO NOT COME even if you "just have a cold" and are negative for COVID - if we get sick, it jeopardises our employment, and those who are elderly or immunocompromised in our clinic. 

The Cancellation Policy will be relaxed at this time. Many thanks for your understanding.


Thank you for supporting small businesses!

Please continue to support small businesses in any way you can, to keep us all afloat during this time. Perhaps consider pre-paying your next appointment, pre-paying a massage package,  buying gift vouchers to use at a later date or gift to a friend or loved one. Please like, follow and stay tuned via my instagram and facebook.

Deepest love and appreciation to you all for your loyal support. 

Please keep being considerate, strengthen your immunity strong (you can buy some of Naturopath Kylie Armstrong's Tonic Immunity packages here), eat well, rest, read a book, and do some yoga.

Be kind to one another, Lara. xo