The perfect trio for sore and tired muscles!


Muscle Melt 320g: Allow your tired and sore muscles to be relaxed and rejuvenated by potent Magnesium Flakes from the Dead Sea. Subtle scents of Organic Lavender and Organic Chamomile to help calm the Nervous System.


Tonic Mag Active 300gm

Magnesium supplementation for muscular pain and cellular energy production.

For Active ingredients, see here.

It has a natural citrus flavour and no added sweeteners.

Gluten free, vegan friendly.


Back Roller:

This handy roller is a very effective tool for releasing the upper neck muscles at the base of the skull (occiputs), the para-spinal muscles, between the shoulder blades, and the lower back and sacrum.

This roller is firm, however gives a little to allow tight muscles to gently release.

Ideal for use following sitting for long periods of time eg. driving long distances, office workers, long haul flights, etc.

Can be used as a convenient and handy alternative to the larger foam roller.


Also available with your choice of muscle tool. Choose between a massage ball, foam roller, back roller or theraband. Prices vary.

Bend & Stretch Pack (B)

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